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If a PC is having problems there are several good tools available to diagnose problems. Windows Repair Toolbox puts almost all of them at your fingertips.

Windows Repair Toolbox is a compact, excellent program that includes most of the well known and reliable programs and utilities needed to analyze and repair many Windows problems. It's small, portable and you can choose whether to download tools as needed from the original sites so you get the latest versions (requires an Internet connection) or download them all at once so the toolbox can be used offline. With two exceptions, all tools in the programs are portable and won't install anything on the computer it's being used on. Several will likely be familiar to anyone who has worked on PC's.

These are some of the key features from the developer:

-Ability to download all the tools at once (and also to keep them updated) with 1-click so that you can use the toolbox in offline computers, or simply to have all the tools already downloaded in advance.

– Ability to select several tools to run successively in unattended mode, in order to perform malware removal, system cleaning and repair. An email letting you know that the process is complete, and containing the logs, can be sent to you.

– Displays relevant information about the computer to be repaired: CPU temperature, name and % time; amount of RAM installed on the system and % of use; Disk model, capacity, basic health check; amount of free space left in the system partition; Windows edition and install date; System boot time; and more.

– Contains a functionality – “AVLeftovers” – that helps to identify what antivirus applications have been previously installed in a machine, so that you can run the respective manual uninstaller(s) before installing other antivirus of your choice, or simply when trying to solve some problem potentially caused by the incomplete uninstall of a security solution.

– Allows you to perform quality assurance tests after the repair is complete;

– Allows you to save notes about the repair process;

– Provides 1-click access to some useful Windows tools: Chkdsk, SFC, Event Viewer, and Reliability.

Tools are grouped by functions: Tools, Malware Removal, Custom Tools, Final Tests, Notes, and Settings, and About.
Each group has subcategories, for example, the tools group has sub-categories with tools for hardware, back up and recovery, useful tools, Windows, repairs, and uninstallers. Hovering the mouse over each tool shows a pop up box with information about the item.

The Windows Repair Toolbox has two modes to choose from. It can be run in regular or minimal mode. In minimal mode, the webcam test and system monitoring features are unavailable. This is a great set of tools in one small program, and a great addition or new tool if you find yourself needing to troubleshoot Windows problems.

Note: some of the tools may trigger false positive alerts from your AV (e.g: the Nirsoft tools). VirusTotal gives it a 4/68, while other online program scanners mark it as clean. The malware protection on my system hasn't flagged it, so it's likely a false positive. I've been using the program for some weeks now with no issues, but as always, use your own best judgment.

Requirements: .NET Framework 4, runs on Windows XP to 10.

Windows Repair Toolbox

(h/t What's On My PC)

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Looks like the vendor's site got overloaded -
Error 522 Ray ID: 50ddd285f96149e9 • 2019-08-29 10:25:41 UTC
Connection timed out

Got the download of version from Major Geeks but have not tried it yet.

I ran into that once, reloaded the page a few minutes later and it was fine. Thanks for the Major Geeks link, it works fine, I just downloaded and installed it from there with no issues (it was uninstalled to test the Major Geeks download).

I tried it for hours with the same error, but was able to access it when I used the HOXX VPN

There could be several reasons for that, and I'm glad you found a work around and an alternate download site.

It will analyze your system but to fix it you have to go Pro for $30
There are equally good systems for free

I'm not seeing an option to go Pro or where the program offers to fix a system either in the program or on the website - I see a PayPal donation button. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place, would you point me to where the Pro option is offered?

Nice set of tools ... thanks

You're welcome, I'm glad you like them. :)