An online internet safety rater that has more tools than others


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Pros & Cons:

Works with any browser; 25 raters; 6 scanners; other tools e.g. IPVoid.com for IP addresses.
Separate checks for rating and scanning.

Our Review:

URLVoid from NoVirusThanks Company is very similar to VirusTotal. It's a free service that analyzes a website through multiple blacklist engines and online reputation tools to facilitate the detection of fraudulent and malicious websites.

It uses 25 rating services and blacklists but only 6 anti-virus scanners which makes it less effective.

The rating and scanning are initiated separately so it is also less convenient. It is easier to see if there is a problem because results are color-coded: green for Clean, yellow for Suspicious, red for Dangerous/Infected, and gray for Unrated.

Many online checkers have a lot of other tools. URLVoid has more than most: scan a file, scan an IP address, analyze a website for other issues, download a website's code without browsing it, unshorten URLs, etc.

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