Urban Terror


Urban Terror

A "fun over realism" FPS game with fast paced and intense game-play


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Pros & Cons:

Fun game-play, not too computer intensive.
Hackers are a slight problem at the moment.

Our Review:

Online: Primarily
Singleplayer: None
Registration: None
Popularity: High


Urban Terror, commonly abbreviated to UrT, is an action based FPS. It is only multiplayer. Described as "fun over realism" by the creators, the game has fast paced, intense game-play.

UrT doesn't throw realism to the wind mind you, but rather tries to enhance game-play with elements like powerslides and wallhops. There are five different game types: Death match (DM), team death match (Team DM), Survivor, Capture the flag (CTF), and Bomb. You are given a choice of eleven different guns, and two pistols, with optional attachments.

As of now, it requires no registration, and no personal information at all to play online. There are over a thousand servers, and plenty of players to go around. There will be no waiting for people to show up here.

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