Updates To My Favourite Disk Space Finder


TreeSize disk analysis programIt's been a while since I wrote here about TreeSize, so it's about time I covered the latest version of the program.

TreeSize is a fantastic program which shows you the sizes of all the folders on your computer's disk. Choose any drive or folder, then drill down through them in order to find out which folders are taking the most space. It's a simple, quick way to work out why your computer is running out of space, and it's also useful for tracking down folders that are no longer needed and which can thus be deleted.

It's always good to clear out your disk regularly. Windows doesn't like running on almost-full drives. And if you're in the habit of doing regular backups, clearing out unwanted files will reduce the time that your backups take to complete. And it'll reduce the size of your backups too, which could save you money if you use a cloud-based service.

You'll find a free version of TreeSize at https://www.jam-software.com/treesize_free and it's a 6 MB download. The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.



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Thanks for the update of TreeSize. I have used TreeSize in the past but switched to WizTree for the previous years and also tried out some other programs to achieve the same. I found that for me, the two next programs are most valuable. So, I have two other recommendations that are about similar (view where you can gain most space by finding the largest files). I like these two gems because they clearly show where your space has gone.

WizTree 2.01, which is a portable gem, small in size but very fast in finding the biggest files on your PC. It has been reviewed here in 2013 but has recently updated (June 2016, from version 1.07 to version 2.01). It is freeware (as expected on this site) and can be downloaded from: http://antibody-software.com. If I need to know where my disk space has gone, I use this portable gem to find the top 1000 largest sized files.

Folder Size 2.6 (from Sourceforge.net) is another option but it is integrated in Windows Explorer. In XP it worked much better than on 7+ since it showed an extra (optional) column in Explorer (like the columns for filename, time, file size, date, etc.), but with the sizes of the folders in the directory you're browsing. Great to be able sort the size of your folders! Folder Size is not portable. In Windows 7+, Folder Size is also added to Windows but now opens an extra window (on Windows 7+) that displays the size of the folders and files in the folder you explore. This is a good option to implement Folder Size after Windows XP! You can download this gem and try if it works for you from: http://foldersize.sourceforge.net

I'm sure these programs are well worth investigating if they work for you (I guess they certainly do!).

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My Ice Dragon (Mozilla clone) can't download this one due to an invalid security certificate
I guess I can override it, but do I want / need to do that ?

AHA ! .com is a problem, but .de is OK as: http://www.jam-software.de/treesize_free/ Thanks, reikipete7

It's an error. MC - Site Manager.

Weird. Their HTTPS is fine for me. Good cert too.

Sounds like MITM hijack to me.

Thanks Rob.
I might have missed the update of this long time favorite of mine.