An Update For One Of My Favourite Utilities Ever


GreenshotAs you might expect, I try out a lot of software in preparation for writing this column on TechSupportAlert. Probably 20 items a week, or so. Although only around 25% of them ever end up on these pages, because many of them get rejected for various reasons. Sometimes because they're not very good, or sometimes because they don't score a perfect rating on VirusTotal.

Of the 25% that I write about, only a very few end up on my main PC to be used regularly. The rest get tested in a safe environment and then deleted, because they're not something that I have a personal need for. But a few (maybe 3 or 4 a year) are so good or useful that they get installed on my main PC and stay there.

One such program is Greenshot. I've used it for a couple of years now. And it's just had an update, to make it even better.

If you ever (and I mean, ever) find yourself pressing the PrtSc key to take a grab of the screen contents on your PC, then you need Greenshot. It makes the whole job so much easier. Instead of the standard Windows default of allowing you to grab either the entire screen or the current window and save it to the clipboard, Greenshot adds loads of additional functionality. You can grab any chunk of the screen you like, by dragging a rectangle marker. You can then save that image to the clipboard, or a file, or send it to the printer. Or send it to any other program on your computer that can import images. You can even save it straight to your Dropbox.

Greenshot is very useful, and it saves me loads of time. Every screen shot you ever see on these pages has been produced with it. The program is free of charge, and the source code is available if you want it. The latest version, released last month, is a 1.3 MB download from and of course VirusTotal reckons it's 100% free of malware.

If you don't already have it, get it.

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at footpatrol,
You said, "... I need to scroll down a bit to capture the region ...".
Did you scroll because the 'area to capture' is bigger than your screen size? My third party app (Lightscreen) requires me to scroll and take another full screen shot.
My Firefox extension "Screengrab" will take the whole page, no matter how many screens it consist of. I was not aware of a third party app with that functionality that was not a browser extension.

Rob; I personally always find your articles/posts useful; not always the software, because if nothing else it motivates me to look for something better. I'll give "Greenshot" a try, but I also need to give a positive, thumbs up to "PicPick", been on my computer for a long, long time now. Also "IrfanView, not only for screen capture, but for so much more; "IrfanView" has been on my computer for way longer than most programs on my computer and through all the fancy Image Viewers that have succeeded it I keep going back to "Irfanview" the Swiss Knife of Image Viewers - my opinion of course.

Been using Nimbus Screen Shot, a browser addon that is very handy.

For the life of me I can't think of one thing this does different/better than the Windows built in utility, Snipping Tool.

While I use Snipping tool a lot, it's pain for marking and adding comments. Also quick sorting and saving of screenshots is not very practical...

I'm using Screenpresso for complex screenshots (great free tool).

I have just written to them, suggesting they add TABS to their editor.
The moment they do that, I will check it out

Can Greenshot capture the Start menu, application menus, context bubbles, etc? Most screen capture utilities miss those when they disappear after you click back on the utility....

Yes, clicking on PrtSc.
In Greenshot tthis key is "Capture region"

I have the Microsoft "Snipping Tool" pinned to my Task Bar.

Appreciate your suggestion Rob. These always lead to additionally interesting comments and suggestions.

Merry Christmas to all!

Screenshot Captor from Donationcoder has served me well over the years on many Windows computers. Small footprint for the features.

I'll give your suggestion a try, but might find it hard to beat FastStone Capture, which has the following modes: Scrolling Window, Freehand, Rectangle, Full Screen, Active Window. .


Still love and frequently use FastStone Capture 5.3, the last free version..

@Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all :)

Another vote here for PicPic! I find it invaluable as I often want to add something to the item that I've captured or compare alternative versions before saving the one I want.

I use it through ShareX and I totally agree with the article.

I will keep Greenshot when I need to do more robust image editing. Another great free options for windows is the "Snip" form Microsoft Windows Garage Its a big improvement over the windows default snipping tool, no need to bookmark as it can be summoned with key. It also has a desktop popup window hides in the margins and expands with mouseover.

About the only thing it does not do is capture content that requires scrolling and I really like that it saves copies of all the Snips in a ibrary and has basic markup capability. The delayed capture is awkward to find and use but its there. One tip is if you want the entire screen just click in the screen or hit enter you want to capture once. to grab a region use the mouse to select it.

A MAJOR shortcoming in Greenshot is that it cannot capture screens that require scrolling; please post// review programs that do this. Many times I wish to capture an image on the screen for which I need to scroll down a bit to capture the region, yet many tools do not allow this type of capture to be done. For most things I've just used the "Snipping Tool" in Windows accessories.

I like the browser addon FireShot.

My good old standby for screen capture is Irfanview (which I use as an image viewer as well). It's quick, simple, effective, and does everything I need, and more.

It has plenty of options for capturing, including full desktop, foreground window, client area of foreground window, custom rectangle, etc., and plenty of options for what to do with the image(s) after capture. But normally it just takes a couple of key presses, and it's done.

In Linux Mint, I use Shutter. It does this & more.

Since leaving MS Windows in 2009, I have never looked back. So many better open-source programs out there. And, I contribute to each of them directly.

Rob-- you are an amazing person to do all that you do. Thank you & cheers from AU!

I use Snipping Tool which is built into Windows. I've put a shortcut on my taskbar so it is always available. I'm not sure what Greenshot offers that this doesn't but mine does everything I've ever wanted...

Same. Simple and it's already there.

Hi Rob
Your work in testing freeware should be applauded, you are a wonderful source of information

Greenshot has a lot of options, when all I need is to copy a screenshot to the clipboard, not to edit it nor to save it to the hard drive

For my uses, I needed to deactivate a lot of options to do the simple task of copying a screenshot to the clipboard (using Quick Preferences)

If I may suggest, two shortcomings in your review:
1)Not mentioning the software requires a lot of system resources (59MB memory on my Windows 7 system)
The alternative screenshot software I use, only requires 5MB of memory

2)Not mentioning there is a portable version of Greenshot available
The Greenshot webpage link you provide also does not indicate that a portable version exists

Whenever you recommend software, I enter it in a Google search with the word "portable"
I found a portable version on another reputable website

Good software, but the system resources use makes it less desirable than some other software alternatives, for the simple uses I require

Thanks Rob.
I completely agree with you when you write about Greenshot. I am using it (almost every day) since you recommended this tool (may be two years ago).
Previously, I have tested many others. But now, it is the only one I have in my laptop.

I am the only person in the world that loves accumulating screen shots in Tabs ?
PicPick effortlessly opens each grab in individual Tabs in PicPick's editor.
You can go to it a wee bit later, and annotate (etc), and then choose to save them with whatever names you choose.
I can never go back to programs that lack that feature

I've been using LightShot - which is also free - this program seems pretty similar. For information, there's also a LightShot extension for the Forefox browser.