Unzip Files Online With These 5 Sites


Unzip files online

These five online tools can unzip a variety of file formats for free with no registration or creating an account.

You may find yourself needing to unzip a file but don’t have access to an unzipping tool. Maybe you’re at the library, school, or somewhere else that restricts access to local systems. Perhaps someone sent you a zip file, and you don’t have a zip tool and need to see the file right away. These 5 sites will easily unzip files online for you.

These 5 sites are capable of unzipping files online without registration. The process for all of them is the same - upload a file and then download the unzipped file. They support different file sizes and file formats. Some create a zip file as well as unzip files. Some support password protected files. Pick one that works for you.

B1 Online Archiver
A simple two-step process extracts files, choose a file from your computer, click the button and it’s unzipped and ready for download. Files will be completely deleted a few minutes after you close the page. It supports password protected archives. It supports 40+ formats, and there’s a free versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

This site requires an extra step to unzip files. Select the “Uncompress” button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can upload files. Uploaded files are deleted after 24 Hours and can only be viewed by you. Supports password protected files. Support for .zip .rar .7z .tar formats. Maximum file size: 200MB.

Extract.me supports the most amount of file formats, 60+.
In addition to files on a computer, you can unzip files from Google Drive, Dropbox or a URL. It supports password protected files and can unpack multi-part archives. Support for 60+ formats.

Easy to use, drag and drop or upload a file. Funzip supports large files, up to 400MB. No support for password protected files. Supports .zip and .rar formats. Maximum file size 400MB.

In addition to unzipping files, ezyZIP will create zip files. There are no size restrictions and files aren’t uploaded as it runs locally as a browser app, making it faster and more private. Creates zip files. You can switch between file formats by clicking the “Unzip” button. Optional preview in browser for some file types. Doesn’t support password protected files. Supports 15+ file formats.

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This is another topic where I'm happy to be educated, for my ignorance about the world outside my little shell...

This seems to be a case of "Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it's worth doing." I'm having trouble imagining a situation where I would want to zip or unzip files over the internet. Converting PDF files to Word or Excel? Definitely a need for doing that online; the only software which does that well is very expensive to own. But Zip software tools are free to download, and are powerful. Why go elsewhere?

Personally, I needed to unzip a file and I had no access to a device that had or could download and install an unzipping program. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am trying to picture a scenario where one has a file needing unzipped, but without any sort of device access. I'm fairly certain even that seven-zip program has a free portable version. sounds like a good story. However, I had never even considered the possibility of an online unzip utility, so thanks much for these. Can always count on you to provide good free workarounds.

You need internet access and a device, and, some devices have no unzipping capability (for various reasons), and some devices are restricted, you can't install software on them. Libraries are an example - the local library doesn't allow installation of software and the software that's available for use is limited, so an online alternative is needed for some activities.

I usually Bandzip because it will unzip the file and open the folder in Windows Explorer where the unzipped file is.

Ah, now I get it. Thanks, Rhiannon.

Glad I could make it less murky. :)