Unstoppable Copier


Unstoppable Copier

The most reliable file copier


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Pros & Cons:

Good transfer speeds | Recovery of damaged files | Can rebuild files even if not completely copied from source
Lacks Windows integration | Not recommended for single file transfer

Our Review:

Unstoppable Copier wins hands down in the reliability category. Not only does it transfer faster than the normal Windows copier, it is also able to recover partial files from damaged media or corrupt areas of a hard disk drive.

This program is not a miracle worker but I gave it several scratched DVDs that were denied by my Windows copier and it was able to get me a complete backup of the files on the disk. I am very impressed by the software and its uses.

I do not believe it is the intention of the project to do so, but I think this could be an even better program if it was able to be used in place of the Windows copier. It is portable and installable but both versions must be launched in order to do file transfers.

The output of the program is outstanding and gives you a very good idea of which files have copied successfully and which files will be re-attempted. With its unique ability to recover damaged files, this copying program is the most reliable of the programs I tested.

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