Unreal Commander


Unreal Commander

A file manager comes close to the look and feel of Total Commander with a powerful filter system.


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Manager
Categories: Disk & File, File Manager

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Universal viewer, Exact Total Commander clone, Powerful File splitter and FTP client, Support for WLX, WCX, WDX plugins, Password keeper.
Requires registration with free license key, confusing interface icons.

Our Review:

If any file manager comes close to the look and feel of Total Commander ("TC"), it’s Unreal Commander ("UC") offered by Max Diesel. There’s the usual 3 different view styles:- List, Details and Thumbnails. There’s a powerful filter system to filter the items that you want to view. Panels can be arranged horizontally or vertically and a quick view panel is available.

UC packs multiple visual styles with different color categories for files as well as fonts for interface elements. Themes and button bars can be downloaded and configured as well since it supports TC extensions. The file manager also also supports background pictures.

Selection can be made in Norton Commander mode or Windows standard mode. Various settings that have been made are saved on exit. Quick searches can be done for files from the main window. The built-in FTP client is really powerful, data ports can be protected using SSL/TLS and connection can be made anonymously. With background picture support you could skin the file manager according to your tastes.

Although Universal Viewer is being used as internal viewer for various files, this can be customized to include any viewer that you find suitable. Same is the case with file editor. Just like Total Commander, you can configure Lister plugins (.WLX), Packer plugins (.WCX) and Content plugins (.WDX). Settings that have made can be stored as different ini files for Main settings, Visual styles, FTP connections etc or to the registry.

Note: Unreal Commander is donationware, meaning a nag screen will pop up (only once during each system restart) to donate for the product if you like. Also you’ll have to register the product with a free license key.


InterfaceRating 9 of 10

FeaturesRating 10 of 10

CustomizationRating 10 of 10

Unreal Commander was reviewed by on based on version 2.02.994.