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Systems that automatically monitor the status of web sites, and produce reports as to whether the sites are working correctly, can be useful for all sorts of reasons.  Obviously such a system is vital if you operate web sites for a living.  But even if you're merely a casual internet surfer, it can be handy (and quite impressive, frankly!) to maintain a list of all the sites you frequently visit, so that you can tell at a glance whether any of them are having problems.  You could even use your list of monitored sites as your home page, which means you can see not just your list of useful sites but also whether or not they are working at the moment.

There are many web-based site monitoring systems, and most of them offer a free account to get you started.  However, StatusCake seems to be unique in that its starter account is not only free but also lets you monitor an unlimited number of sites.

If you've ever wanted to play with a site monitoring tool without needing to download, install or buy anything, try www.statuscake.com and see what you think.




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thanks for you attention

Take also a look at Change Detection:

(Not to be confused with (the trial-limited free based) Change Detect).

Thanks, I use a free service https://uptimerobot.com/, which looking at this one quickly is probably not as good. So I will try this one out. One problem in this type of monitoring services is that they give you the results based on where they are at, not where you are. This can be quite different to where you, and your targeted targets are.