A visually attractive copier runs on multi-platforms


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Copy Utility
Categories: Disk & File, File Copy

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Start and resume the copy process | Speed limitation | Search through the copy list | Cross-platforms.

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UltraCopier has some pretty exciting features including an excellent file resume option, which allows for resuming of a file transfer from a disconnected USB key. So, for those of you playing at home, if you're in the middle of a file transfer from a USB key and it somehow becomes disconnected, when you plug it in again all you have to do is to hit resume and it will pick up where you left off! A great innovation, especially if you have a finicky Windows install that randomly disconnects your drive.

It has also other useful options such as speed limitation and searching through the copy list. And as far as looks go, UltraCopier is a much more visually attractive copier replacement. It's open source, runs on multi-platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

All of the software I reviewed here is excellent and it is up to the user to try these out and decide which one they prefer. For now, I'll be using FastCopy for large transfers and UltraCopier for daily transfers side by side.

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It installs without a hitch, but it wants to add itself as an auto-start. Whether I accept that or reject that, it doesn't matter because it simply will not load when I click on the app in my start menu.

Looks like these folks had good intentions, and freeware is always appreciated, but they need some experienced programmers to help with the the basics of a Windows installation.

Would help others to help you if you stated which system you were running instead of just "Windows". MC - Site Manager.