Ubuntu 16.04 Released


Squirrel imageThe latest LTS version of Ubuntu, the best-known version of Linux, has been released. Officially known as version 16.04, its codename (always an adjective and an alliterative animal) is Xenial Xerus. Which is apparently a type of squirrel.

LTS means Long Term Support, so this version will receive updates and security fixes for at least 5 years, making it something that you can confidently install on either your main computer or a spare one.

The safest way to try Ubuntu, or indeed any new operating system, is to create a virtual machine so that you can run what's effectively a completely separate computer in a window. Check out VirtualBox if you want to do such a thing. You'll find it at https://www.virtualbox.org/ and it's a free download.

Ubuntu 16.04 is available at http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop though be aware that the download is around 1,400 MB. If you're installing it onto a PC to replace the existing operating system, burn it to a bootable DVD disc. Or if you're going to try it in a virtual machne, simply point VirtualBox at the .iso file you downloaded.


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I tried upgrading within 14.04 on two laptops, both bricked.
Did a usb install.
Looks the same as before, the new "Ubuntu Software" won't install .debs from other places.
Get Gdebi package installer and right click and install using Gdebi.

I have no problems with Ubuntu Unity, but trying Ubuntu MATE, it looks like it's more noob friendly. I think I could recommend it to any Windows user and they'd get to know it easily. Kubuntu is a nice alternative if you like that look.

But wait a month or two. Cosmetic stuff I don't even notice, but some bugs need to be sorted out. Kind of like buying a car the first month they come out. Of course I don't mind helping out by getting the new version and torturing it. But I can always boot into Mint 17.3 when all else fails. The new Mint won't be out until June, after Ubuntu gets cleaned up for them.

Besides the fact that i never cared for Unity, i tend to agree with Matthew Moore who claims 16.04 to be unpolished.
This i saw first hand in the Gnome version with constant overlapping of dashboard icons.
Michael was more patient at keeping Unity on (one half hour) than i was with Gnome.

The only reason i gave a vote of 3 was 'cause i know LinuxMint will make it better (or at least as good as before).