Typography for Non-Designers & Free Font Websites


Wooden typeTypography was once something that designers specialized in, but with advances in technology, more of us are mixing and matching typefaces. Here's a brief but thorough overview so your finished product looks more professional.

Whether you're putting together a flyer, presentation, party invitation, or a web site, this quick guide will help your project look a little better. Putting some thought into a design and knowing some basic terminology and guidelines will up your typography skills even if you're not a designer.

This guide breaks down the basics for a quick and easy read. Terms, usage rules, staple typefaces, and where to find fonts are the main categories. Useful sub-categories like the difference between Font and Typeface, types of fonts (serif, sans serif and script), using a hyphen, em or en dash, orphans and widows, and more are covered.

Suggestions include not squishing and or stretching type, not stacking letters vertically, leave a single space between sentences, and using no more than three typefaces per composition.
The suggestions for finding fonts have many commercial fonts with few free fonts so here's a few additional suggestions:
This website is a good resource: 23 great places to download fonts for free.
I like these additional sites for downloading free fonts: Dafont, Font Squirrel and Google Fonts.

A Primer on Typography for Non-Designers

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