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MultiLing Keyboard iconMultiLing KeyboardAndroid’s stock keyboard varies with each new version and manufacturers add their own share of tweaks, sometimes for the better, but some others for the worse. Luckily, we have the chance to change that and customize Android with any keyboard app we want, and MultiLing Keyboard is definitely one of those apps.

MultiLing Keyboard is a very feature-rich app that can be customized to suit your specific needs. It includes a lot of dictionaries, personalization options, text prediction, voice input and a fair amount of visual themes.

This keyboard has two points that make it stand out from the current crowd of keyboards: it is extremely light while working and it also ensures your privacy by asking only the right permissions to read personal data, thus preventing your valuable data from falling into the wrong hands.

When it comes to keyboard apps, privacy is a key component and MultiLing does a good job there when compared to other keyboards. While most apps ask for complete access to the messages and the address book (for the purpose of adding these names to its dictionary), this keyboard only needs access to the read and write to the user dictionary permission, as well as access to the haptic feedback vibration. The downside of this, though, is that it cannot make predictions of your contacts the first time you write them down and it does not learn this kind of entries intelligently, but that is a small price to pay for privacy.

You will also be glad to know that MultiLing supports 130 languages with dictionaries that can be added later as plug-ins. They can be downloaded from the PlayStore and their size vary between 350 KB to 1 MB. If you have more than one language installed, just swipe on the spacebar to change the language. The keyboard also supports emojis, non-latin characters and Unicode conversion. The language change is fast, so you can be writing a mail in English while chatting with a friend in Japanese.

As for the app itself, MultiLing Keyboard provides advanced customization options to the point of being able to learn from the daily use and build your own keyboard structure. As if these features were not enough, there is the possibility to swipe, turn it into a full floating keyboard, a calculator or a text converter; all these while delivering a smooth experience in a lightweight app.

MultiLing Keyboard LandscapeTalking about lightness, this is one of the aspects that really stands out, and it clearly shows on how little its impact on the RAM is. While keyboards like SwiftKey or Swype consume between 30 to 40 MB when working, MultiLing uses around 14 MB. This also shows in the size of the application itself: 1.50 MB once installed.

During our test, the keyboard proved to be rock-solid and practical, both on portrait and landscape modes. When installed on a tablet, the app used an intelligent landscape mode that created a gap in the middle, which proved to be very practical and usable, especially if you like to use your thumbs. In any case, you can change the keyboard layout and color as well as the buttons and the characters’ size to your liking.

In short, MultiLing is a great replacement for our stock keyboard—it has a slick design and simple configuration, supports almost every major language in the world and is very RAM friendly. It is a 926 KB download and will work on any device running Android 2.1 and up. Needless to say, this is a completely free app, so you won’t see any ads or in-app purchases.


MultiLing Keyboard — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 926 KB
Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.klye.ime.latin


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