Two Amazing, Yet Different, Examples Of Computer Graphics



Occasionally I use this column to bring you news of items which may be of interest to the computer-minded but which aren't freeware.  Or indeed software of any kind.  And because I haven't done such a posting for a while, here's a double bonus with links to 2 amazing things that are both graphics-oriented.

Firstly, if you're into the power of modern graphics cards as well as HTML 5, point your browser at for a treat.  You'll see the image in the first screen shot below, ie a ball floating in a tank of water.  However, everything is generated dynamically in your browser, and you have full control of the ball via your mouse and keyboard.  Move it up and down, and watch as the computer-generated water behaves so naturally.

When you've finished playing, find 15 minutes and head to to watch an amazing animation.  It shows the adventures of a stick-man in a PC, along with interaction from his real-life colleague.  It really is an incredible video, and definitely worth finding time to watch the whole clip if you can.





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Wonderful stuff, thank you.

Don't miss the "making of" Animator IV, link at the end of it.

I've seen the second one (Stickman) a long time before. It was quite funny.

I haven't checked the link, but i think it's a newer one with more interactions.