Twittering Poetry And A Great Breakout Game



It's sometimes fun to examine the light-hearted aspect of the internet and the Web, so here are a couple of amusing web-based fripperies that are a fun way to pass the time.

Firstly, if you are a user of Twitter, head to and enter your Twitter username when asked.  The site will go away and retrieve some of your recent postings and turn them into poetry!  And because you don't need to enter your Twitter password, you can even use someone else's username if you prefer.  Mine's rschifreen if you want to try it.

Secondly, if you've always been a fan of the game of Breakout, you may be interested in a very playable version of it that runs in your browser and is actually hidden within Google's search results.  Head to Google and search for "Atari Breakout", then click the Images tab to see the pictorial results.  You'll find yourself immersed in a game of Breakout, playable with your mouse, where the bricks are actually the images from your search.  It's pretty faithful to the original in all other respects, right down to the sound effects.


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Very cool, rob!

I cleaned the screen in Breakout a moment ago... very good memories, thank you! :-D