Turn Your PC Into A Music Studio, Complete With Instruments


LMMS music studio windowA few years ago, a music recording studio comprised lots of racks of electronics in order to allow musicians to create and edit tunes. Nowadays, you can do it all with just a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation. This is typically a keyboard (of the musical variety) which includes a built-in computer that lets you record and edit tracks. It also includes instruments, as ready-made samples, so your finished track can include piano, violin, organ, drums, and any other instrument which is either supplied with the DAW or which you've purchased separately.

Although a DAW is often a single device that incorporates both the keyboard and the editing capabilities, it's now becoming common to use a standard PC on which to run the DAW software. You can then create music either by entering notes on the on-screen keyboard, or connect a musical keyboard to the PC via a MIDI interface.

There are many types of DAW software available for Windows, though most of them are quite expensive. A welcome exception is LMMS, which is open-source and completely free. Not only can you enter and edit notes, and create multi-track tunes, there's also a nice variety of instrument samples included as standard. These include piano, strings, guitars and more.

LMMS (the first bit stands for Let's Make Music) is at www.lmms.io and it's a 32 MB download. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. It is, to be fair, not the prettiest of all the DAW software available, but it's still a great deal when compared with other similar products that cost hundreds of dollars.

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" It is, to be fair, not the prettiest of all the DAW software available..."

An A-10 isn't the prettiest military aircraft, but it gets the job done right.

There are of course a few websites that provide a recording studio setup without the need for a download. Soundation is probably my favorite in this category. AudioSauna is an excellent choice if you like creating music with a synth feel. If you'd rather just work from a library of user submitted loops to create music Audiotool is worth exploring.

You can thank Linux for this software. LMMS started as Linux MultiMedia Studio.

Don't be amazed that it's open source, powerful, free, and malware-free; Linux software is like that.