Turn Your PC Into An Effects-Laden Photo Booth

With you-know-what just around the corner, you may be tempted to make your own Christmas (oops, I said it) cards.  Which means you'll probably need some fun pictures to put on the front.  Which is why you may be interested in a neat web site which turns your computer's webcam into a photo booth.  
The system lets you preview and then capture a snap, which you can save to an online service or download to your PC.  But what makes this system so much fun is that there's a whole barrage of built-in effects.  Change colours, add distortions, or choose from around 70 others.  All of which can be previewed as live video, so you can adjust both the effect and your pose until everything is as you wish.  Then just press the button and the job's done.
In some cases, there's the option for a multi-picture shoot, such as the image I've included here.  In which case the system will automatically take a set of separate snaps, a few seconds apart, and count you down so you can change your position each time.
Webcam Toy can be found at http://webcamtoy.com and it's free to use.

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I removed the pre installed webcam software from my laptop as a security precaution. The site mentioned gets a clean bill of health from Virus Total but I'd still sandbox the app.