Turn Off Your Internet Connection On Demand

If you have a broadband, cable or other "always-on" internet connection, your PC is permanently part of the international network.  To ensure that no one else can connect to your computer, you probably run antivirus software and a firewall (either as part of Windows or in your router, or maybe both).  But sometimes, do you find yourself thinking "I'd really prefer not to be connected to the internet right now"?
For example, you may have some important work to do on a locally stored document and you don't want to be disturbed by incoming news feeds or emails.  Or maybe you're updating your security software, and you don't want your internet connection enabled during the few minutes that your computer isn't fully protected.  Or maybe you keep all your highly confidential data encrypted, and you'd like to disconnect the internet connection whenever you're accessing that information or typing the password for it.
If this sounds like you, then here's a great item of freeware that's really useful.  It's called Internet Off, and it performs a very simple job.  It adds an Internet Off button in your taskbar, from which you can instantly disable your internet connection.  Press the button again and you can turn the connection back on, either permanently or for a specific amount of time.
The program is a 2 MB download from http://crystalrich.com/internetoff/ and according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust is free of all malware.  And it could be a really useful addition to your normal security precautions.

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Main reason I have for doing this is for hacking software.

I think this tool could benefit those still using a desktop computer. My six year old HP notebook has a button right beside the power button for turning the wireless connection on or off.

Remember "back in the day" when, instead of installing more software you could simply double-click on your Network Connection shortcut and then click on "Disable"? Shame that functionality was removed by the evil "install more software" evil evilers.