Turn Your Home Town Map Into A Pacman Game


One can only imagine what it must be like to have as much spare cash as Google clearly does.  OK, so they may not have as much as Apple, but they still have sufficient spare money to be able to roll out a worldwide Pacman game.

We are, as you probably are aware, in the midst of the April Fools period, where tech companies often like to impress us with foolish pranks and neat software tricks.  And this year, Google has added a neat new feature to Google Maps.  Not only can you summon up a satellite view of whatever map you're currently looking at, but you can also turn that map into a playable Pacman game.  The screen shot below shows the streets of Lisbon, in case you're wondering.

Head to http://maps.google.com and choose your location, then hit the Pacman icon to play.  It's as simple as that.  Although we don't expect the game to stay around for long.



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