Turn Any Image On The Web Into Giant Wall-Art Instantly


Since I wrote about an online image processing site called The Rasterbator (I know, but it's totally harmless) a couple of years ago, the system has vastly improved the number of features it offers.  But the basic premise is still the same - it will convert any digital image into a giant piece of wall-art by magnifying each pixel into a small blob.

To try it, head to www.rasterbator.net and enter details of the picture you want to use.  You can upload your own image or, for instant results, just right-click any picture from a web page, choose "Copy image URL", and paste that into the relevant box.  Then choose your printer's paper size, and select the number of sheets.  You can have up to 1000 sheets if you want, but it might be expensive on ink and paper!  The preview window, shown in the screen shot below, helpfully includes the shadow of an average-sized adult so you can judge the total size of your finished poster.

The system will then give you a PDF to download, which you simply print out.  Note that the various options available on the site will make a huge difference to the style of the end result, so don't print more than 1 or 2 pages until you know you're happy.


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Rasterbator is very, very good. To be reminded of it from time to time may come handy. Meaning that I have to have that WTC 2009 building site pan mounted and framed sooner rather than later (4 x A4 on Canon photo paper).