Set on-top windows from a context menu by clicking the app icon on the taskbar.


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Pros & Cons:

Easily select and deselect open windows to be always on top from the app icon on the taskbar. Works with most types of windows.
Selecting from a list of open windows is less intuitive than right-clicking an open window itself.

Our Review:

TurboTop is a small program that sits in your System Tray and lets you set any window to be "Always on Top" of other windows, or float above other windows even when it does not have the focus.

This handy tool works in most types of open windows, either they're skinned windows, DOS command windows, desktop, modern or Metro app Windows. It is a great choice as not many programs in this category perform better than this powerful application.

After installing this tool, you will see the app icon placed in the notification area of the taskbar. Clicking the icon shows you a context menu displaying all open windows. In the menu, you can easily check or uncheck any of the windows to be topmost with just a mouse click. It's as simple as that.

The only downside is that it always works from the icon on the taskbar and you will need to select an item from the list of open windows. It is less intuitive than those tools offering a direct click on an open window to set its on-top behaviour.

TurboTop was reviewed by on based on version 2.8.