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My musical preferences and knowledge abruptly halted at the early 1950s. I consider this a blessing from on high, as I am colloquially known as a “snob.”

However, this calls for dancing the fine line between pompous elitism and living under a rock. I must occasionally familiarize myself with music of this decade, usually by listening to radio.

TuneIn Radio offers a plethora of stations from across the world, even one palatable to my obnoxiously narrow-minded taste.

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TuneIn Radio



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I understand that TuneIn can run as an program (App) under Windows 7. I get redirected to an app store for Windows, but I cannot find this app in the store. How do I download the program?

I just downloaded RarmaRadio, and it is very good, however , it lacks A LOT of radio stations compared against the ones in TuneIn Radio Pro.

@ mrwednesday,
one of the earlier posters claimed you could set it up to run in another tab, (i ASS-U-ME
streaming) if so, one of my recording apps or kmplayer can capture and record/play it without my browser being open. i'll see.

michael clyde

TuneIn has replace my alarm clock. It has a great alarm clock function, as well as a sleep function so I set my station to play for the duration I choose. A great app, highly recommended.

For Windows 7 you can always go to tunein.com and add it as a new tab. I am listening as I type, lots of stations even for us Classicial Music fans!

RamarRadio.com has stations from all over the planet. You can even record what is playing. The info about each station is extensive.

I went to Tune In's website and you can stream on pc straight from there, no app required. I have XP, but I assume this works for Windows7 as well.


Pity that this won't run on earlier versions of Windows...

Those who enjoy Internet radio will find PublicRadioFan.com a worthwhile site: http://www.publicradiofan.com/ (non-commercial world-wide broadcasters).

No Windows 7 app, then.