TTPod Music Player


TTPod Music Player

TTPod was a feature-packed music player that was slow and had problems with text not displaying in English. It is no longer available.


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License: Free

Pros & Cons:

Skinnable Interface; A lot of options in the "Now Playing" screen; Edit song information; Synchronized lyrics; 10 band Equalizer; Shake feature
Language problem (certain text displays in Japanese/Chinese); Synchronized lyrics are not always properly synchronized, especially with remixes; Album art is always taken from the internet, even when album art is available on the device; Album art is often wrong; slow and laggy


TTPod was a feature-packed music player with quite a few problems. It is no longer available.

Our Review:

TTPod Music Player was a very interesting app, but it is no longer available. If you're interested, you can read what the app was like below.

This app is skinnable, so you can download different skins to give the app just the look you like. Some of them are very well designed, but there are already a couple of small language problems here.

As mentioned already, TTPod has a well-documented language problem. There's either Japanese or Chinese all over the app. Recommendations and some other online things are all in Japanese, and are useless if you don't speak it.

The albums, artists, songs and genres sections work mostly as expected. There is no album art anywhere - and the scrolling is odd - sometimes laggy, sometimes smooth. Playlists are displayed as sections here. You can set a song as a ringtone, or as a notification tone - something unique to TTPod. You can also edit tags and delete songs. The app always gets the album art from the internet, which is often incorrect, even if have your own album art. There are also synchronized lyrics, but they are always the explicit version of the lyrics.

The equalizer is very good, with 10 bands, with reverb, bass boost, virtualizer and channel balance. The lock screen player depends on your theme, but a lot of them are beautifully designed.

There aren't that many settings (there used to be many more). The shake feature is probably the biggest thing here - shake to go to the next track.

The memory footprint is between 14 and 17MB, which is decent. There aren't any problems with it running in the background when it's not needed. On the other hand, there is way too much lag within the app, especially on the music controls. Recently, it has started adding a whole bunch of shortcuts on my desktop, and giving me random japanese notifications. It's a shame that the developers are doing this.

Overall, TTPod has so much potential... I just wish it didn't have all the language and lagging problems, and that it didn't do so many things that apps are not supposed to do...

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