Try This Really Flexible Screen Shot Tool


Greenshot is a program that makes it easy to take Windows screen shots and use them for a variety of purposes.  Once installed, just hit the PrtSc key to select the region of the screen you want to capture, after which a handy menu (shown below) appears.  You can instantly have your screenshot saved to the clipboard, Word, web sites like Imgur, and much more too. 

You can also choose other options, such as capturing the whole screen rather than just a portion, and you can even capture full scrolling web pages that are longer than a single screen.

Greenshot is a 1.5 MB download from and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  Note that the download page of the site uses a pop-up window to display the download links.  So if you can't download the program, try disabling your pop-up blocker if you have one.

Greenshot is free (and open source too, if you want to study how it works).



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I like PicPick, thought I learned about it here (but i dont see it on the "best screen capture" list)
It also supports capturing the scrolling window.

@jogo, PicPick is currently Gizmo's Top Pick at this category Best Free All-In-One Image Design Tools.

I too love PicPick
I made a similar comment on one of the other capture related articles on this site, which also was not listing PicPick,
And the author chastised me.

Why are you all printing scrolling web pages ?
The best way to save web pages is to save them as .mht
That saves as a single file with that extension.
Whenever you need to view it, you just double click it, and the full web page appears in your browser (even if you are on Mars, with no internet connection)
IE has been able to do it for decades (mind you I have been avoiding IE for decades)
In FF you can get the maff extension, which can save as .mht
I have saved a million web pages that way, over the decades.
If I double click it, mine will open in FF (thus I can continue to avoid IE)

Thanks for the tip crombierob. It never occurred to me to search for an mht extension. Looks better than pdf, and pickpic et al sometimes stop during scrolling.
To get a complete page with all links/images etc. for use on Mars, web harvest the sucker.

"Snipping Tool" is a workhorse for my needs. For scrolling window, free Screenpresso sometimes works.

I also use Greenshot, but I followed Twinkler's advice and loaded the Firefox add-on "ScreenGrab." It is FANTASTIC! Thanks Twinkler.

I prefer DuckCapture...much better and easier...can capture scrolling webpages on Explorer, Firefox and Chrome...


Anupam, you are a legend !!

Hehe... why? Just for sharing a link? :p

Thanks - I'll give a look.

Ctrl+S to save a scrolling webpage ... (screenshot) file format = .html

A shame it only captures scrolling web-page in IE only.
- IE is only used when Palemoon or Firefox fail

The system tray menu is huge, and so is the context menu.
My web connected PC does not have MS Office.

I find the Windows built in "Snipping Tool" (with my custom shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P) to be adequate for 90% of my needs.
Scrolled web pages, I save as PDF, then bookmark locations of the PDF

When I finally setup a virtual machine I will trial Greenshot.

See my very recent comment on saving as .mht instead.

Being open minded, I thought I would install Greenshot and capture a scrolling web page, and then compare the size of my .mht vs the image capture.
And lo and behold it cannot scroll FF (as bawldiggle points out)

If anyone is interested in comparing the size of my .mht with a scrolled capture, could they capture this page, and report back as to the size of your image file.
My .mht of this page is 515KB

PS I just created a PDF, It is a bit smaller, but is horrible to read compared to the .MHT (the .mht is identical to the live web page)

A good comment Crombierob. Saving a web page in mhtml or mht format is one of the handy methods for archiving or sharing as it contains everything in one single file. About the file size, if a web page contains a lot of images, the resulting mht file can be larger than a scrolling capture saved in jpg format. When you save a web page in mht format, it usually converts images to text using the Base64 binary-to-text scheme. According to Wikipedia, "the final size of Base64-encoded binary data is equal to 1.37 times the original data size..." To test it out, try upload an image to this online site, then copy and save the Base64 string as a text file for gauging its size.

Jojo... you are right. What is really strange is that if you hit Ctrl+Shift+PrtScn while in a Firefox window, Greenshot will change focus to the Internet Explorer window and capture that window. If an Internet Explorer window is not open, it will not do anything. A little odd but this program is still a keeper for me. I will just have to use Internet Explorer when I want to capture a scrolling screen.

Yeah I can't find anyway to make it capture a scrolling screen

I use [commercial software edited] and that is also supposed to do scrolling screen shot saves, however they are always broken up at the beginning so almost useless.
I mayy try this one and see if it works for me.

Are you sure Green shot can capture scrolling webpages? I use the portable version and can't find that feature.

Joe, it seems to work in IE only, by selecting "Capture Internet Explorer" or shortcut Ctrl+Shift+PrtScn.

I see. I thanks for that.