Try A Prototype Drawing Tool From Adobe And MIT


The idea of drawing stuff on a computer has been around for years.  Choose a shape from the toolbar, drag it onto your picture, and then use various additional buttons and toolbars to change the object's size, position, colour and so on.

Para is something new in the on-screen drawing world, and it's fascinating to use.  If you ever had a one of those toys in which you poked a pen through a plastic toothed wheel and, via a combination of other wheels, managed to create a weird picture full of spirals and circles on paper, you'll know roughly what I mean.  And if you've used a Kaleidoscope in the past, the system should also seem vaguely familiar.

Para Drawing is a web-based application which resembles just about any other vector-based app.  But once you've placed an object on the screen, you can automatically duplicate it multiple times along a pre-defined path such as a circle or straight line.  You can then drag and manipulate all of the items at once, as a collection, in order to come up with some new weird and wonderful effects.  It's fun to play with, and is a great way for children to be creative.

Start by pointing your browser at  There's a short tutorial video, which is well worth watching before you start exploring it for yourself.



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I will never use Google as a a BROWSER or even Google Draw. Think of it like this. You are working on an idea and then you find out your idea was used by another group or person. Would you ever trust them again.
I have gmail and Google+, but only because of those I associate with have accounts there.
If it was up to me then NSA and Facebook along with Google could just keep sleeping with each other, but leave me out.
Good idea for this program, but who else is copying your work.

Looks like fun, but only designed for Google Chrome browser, which I don't use. The interface is not the same in either Firefox or IE so doesn't have the appearance or functionality that you see in the tutorial. Disappointed; this is one reason I'm not fond of web-based apps anyway.