Try Playing With This Great Image Clipping Service


One of the most difficult functions of any photo editing software is being able to clip an image in order to separate a particular object from its background.  Photoshop is very good at it, but it's out of most enthusiasts' price range.

Clipping Magic ( is a web-based service that will do it for you, and it's fun to try.

Start by uploading an image to the site.  In the example below, the left hand side shows an image of a flying owl that I uploaded.  Then draw some rough lines onto the image in your browser, using the supplied red and green tools to indicate where the object is situated and where the unwanted background lies.  As you can see, it only took 3 brush strokes in this instance.  Instantly, the right hand side of the screen (also shown below) will contain your clipped image, with the selected object neatly clipped from the background.

Unfortunately, while Clipping Magic is free to use, you have to pay a small monthly fee to be able to download your clipped images.  But you could aways take a screen grab of the result, and use this as the basis for a little further work in your image editor.  It'll still save you a lot of time, as the results of the clip are very impressive.  And it's a fun tool to play with.



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This works fairly well, but I would prefer to download an app that is does this. [commercial software edited] is supposed to be able to do this, but crashes when using a large image, and they have no technical support.

I am very new to Gismo. Do you have a support feature .