Try Google's Reverse Image Search Feature


I wrote a couple of days about about Tin Eye (see, a web site which offers a reverse image search feature.  Put simply, you give it an image file and it will show you all the other web sites that have been using that photo.

As various people have pointed out to me, Google also offers a similar facility and it is, in some ways, better that Tin Eye's.  To use it, head to and click the small camera icon that appears in the search input box.  You'll then be asked for the URL of the photo you're interested in, or you can choose to drag an image from your PC into the selection box instead.  Google then works its magic and returns your results almost instantly.

Where Google's image search scores over Tin Eye is that Google also shows results for photos which resemble the one you chose, but which aren't quite the same.  So it's a handy way to look for webmasters who have perhaps stolen your photo and then tried to disguise it.

Between the 2 of them, these sites offer a great way to scan the web for a particular image.  If you're serious about doing such things, it clearly makes sense to use both sites rather than just the one.



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I have used the Google reverse image search for some time, but after upgrading to Firefox 36.0.1 today, the camera icon is now missing. I tried the Firefox Clone, Pale Moon 25.2.1 and I can see the the camera icon. I'm going to try some Firefox extensions based on bernardz 's comment below

There are a few addons in firefox and I presume in chrome too that check both Tin Eye and google together in practice they work well. I use fast "fast image research"