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Be Funky image effects editorNo longer is it necessary to accept that the only version of a photo is the one that comes straight from your digital camera or smartphone. Modern software products such as Adobe Lightroom let you tweak the sharpness, colours, shading and so on in order to totally transform the image.

While Lightroom is not free, there are a good selection of alternatives which are. One of the best that I've discovered recently is called Be Funky, which you'll find at Just upload a photo, then move the sliders to apply your chosen effects. Unusually for such systems, you can apply the effect to either the entire image or just a selection.

Be Funky is web-based so there's nothing to download or install. And it's free to use, too.



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SMACKS MY HEAD..............DOH!!!!. So i buy 2 other photo photo programs that task my wee brain and the air is filled with blue smoke of cuss words....then today i log into Gizmo and find ...." be funky ".and try it out and its another one of them wonderful WTF moments we all have.....thanks Gizmo....gotta say this is one class act..sweet...30

Thanks Rob for your advice.
I am presently (and increasingly) using web based Pixlr Editor but, of course, I am going to try this alternative.

It would be really nice if you would please let us know what you find out, wouldn't it?

Wow, this is really very good. Tons of options!

Irfanview was the best free photo editor when I first started using it 15 years ago and I'm convinced it always will be the best.

I also have used IrfanView for several years, and still use it as the viewer.

For organizing I use another Gizmo's recommendation: Zoner Photo Studio

I don't usually care for cloud applications, but this doesn't require any personal information and unlike Picasa and Chrome, this is not a Google program. The only other company I trust less than Google is Microsoft. And I don't have to install it and use up drive space.

I kinda like this befunky program.

I think Picasa does pretty well everything that this program offers and is easier to use.
Might be fine for someone who does not have any software of this type.
I'll stick with Picasa!

Too bad Google is pulling the plug on Picasa at the end of the month.

Well, actually they pull the plug on Picasa Web Albums primarily; they want to integrate it with Google Photos.
Google explicitly states that you can keep the current version of Picasa, there just will be no more development and if you discover a bug you will have to live with it.
For what I use it for I haven't found a bug yet.

Yeah, too bad. I didn't know that, but that's why I like Gizmo's so much; I learn something every time I visit the site.

Looks interesting. Shame is requires Flash.

Its pretty good, I think you will fine it works fine under chrome without flash.

So you have disabled Chrome's built in Flash applet and this app still works?