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Online pronunciation guideSo you're learning a language. Maybe you've read a book or a web site, or seen a word written down somewhere. And now you need to know how to pronounce it in the language you're learning. Perhaps you need to be able to say Obrigado and sound like a native of Portugal, or you want to say Merci and sound French.

The web site you need is Forvo, and you'll find it at Just enter a word and/or a language and you'll instantly be presented with playable recordings of how to pronounce that word, uploaded by native speakers of the language in question.

For popular words, there are literally dozens of different recordings so you can get a good taste of the variety available.

Forvo is a really good resource for you or your children, to help with learning languages. I'm actually trying to learn Portuguese right now, and it's very useful.





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Thanks Rob.... Thank a lot.

I'm in Australia.

Would love a translation for our native Aboriginal language.

Good luck with the Portuguese Rob. I`ve lived in Brazil for 12 years and can still only manage to string half a sentence together. MC - Site Manager.