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Sketchup is one of the best-known products for creating drawings and designs in 3D. It was once a Google product but was sold off a few years ago.

You can download the software for use on your desktop PC. However, the company behind the product, Trimble, is now offering a browser-based version that you can use for free. So if you've never tried designing something in 3D, it's now really easy to try it out.

Just head to to get started. All you need is a modern web browser and a reasonable monitor.


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I do my own quilt and cross-stitch designs...for family and friends, celebrations and gifts This looks like it might be fun to play around with, maybe give me something unique in my designs. Thanx for sharing.

You may want to point out that it is "Free" for personal use only. No commercial use.
T & C states: Access to the Service. The Service is intended to help users design, store, and share three-dimensional digital images and models (“Models”). Customer may access and use the Service during the term of this Agreement, but only (a) for its own benefit in a non-production environment for non-commercial purposes,

Thanks Rob.
Excellent link!
I did not know that Sketchup was sold by Google.
I have it installed in one of my pcs, because I was an active user years ago.