TrueCombat: Elite


TrueCombat: Elite

Plays a lot like America's Army, but much easier to break in


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Pros & Cons:

Wonderful game-play, many maps and guns.
Population, the only downfall.

Our Review:

Online: Primarily
Singleplayer: None
Registration: None
Popularity: Low


Yet another game struggling for existence. It was once the epitome of the freeware FPS. It was a host to commercial quality graphics, a huge fan base, and wonderful game-play.

Now two of the three are missing. Last updated in 2006 the graphics are still modern, but by no means cutting edge anymore. It still has extraordinary game-play, allowing you to crouch, prone, look down your scope, and lean out from behind walls. It does not disappoint in this section. It has many maps, and even more custom maps, and there's always something new and exciting.

Although the fan base has all but died off, there are still over five hundred servers and enough people to give you a good time. This game plays a lot like America's Army, but is much easier to break in. I highly recommend this one, and the only reason it is not my top pick is because of its lack of population.

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