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A challenging and widely popular quiz game for all ages.


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Rich in trivia questions, various categories and game modes, support multiple languages.
Extensive ads

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Trivia Crack is a widely popular quiz game app made for the mobile platform with some similar gameplay of the classic board game Trivial Pursuit, but it has more fun and interesting features added.

The game features more than a million of questions grouped into six categories: art, science, sports, entertainment, geography and history. It provides you with a Classic mode and a Single Player mode of gameplay.

The Classic mode is a turn-based game. To start a new game in this mode, you spin a wheel to get a question from one of the above six question categories. Every correct answer within a few seconds adds one bar to the Crown gauge, otherwise it ends your turn and sends an alert to the other participant to continue.

When the Crown gauge is filled up with three bars after answering three questions correctly in a row, or when the wheel stops on the Crown section, you will choose either challenging your opponent for one of his characters, or answering a new question for a character of choice.

The objective of the game in the Classic mode is to obtain all six characters on the wheel, each of the characters represents a question category. The first player obtaining all six characters becomes the winner of the game. If no contestants have collected all six characters after 25 rounds, the game ends and the person with most characters wins.

In a Single Player mode, you are able to play the game without the need to wait for your opponent's turn. It offers several types of gameplay featured on the homepage of the app, such as Daily Question, Crown League, Triviathon, Triviatopics and Missions.

Among some notable features, the game earns you virtual coins to trade for power-ups, such as a trick to reduce wrong answers, a second chance to pick the correct answer, and an allowance to skip to a new question in the same category.

This game is free to play with in-app purchases for extra items. It is supported with extensive ads and requires you to watch a video to keep playing without losing a turn, or to get free power-ups for your next question. The paid-for version removes all ads but still offers in-app purchases.


Test Your Knowledge In This Extremely Popular Quiz Game

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