Provides seamless sync via the cloud, encrypted links for sharing and secure collaboration.


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Possibly the most secure choice of products listed here. A cloud storage account is included as part of the service. Tresorit has a clean, simple interface. Sync works quickly and well. Well written support documentation. You can recover previous versions of files. Has worked very reliably for me. Tresorit operates under Swiss laws, and uses Irish and Dutch servers (no Patriot Act).
The current free version is severely hobbled. See note in the discussion. Local files are not encrypted (but it's highly unlike that they will be lost in processing).

Our Review:

Tresorit is a significant entry in the client-plus-cloud encryption arena. Tresorit provides seamless sync via the cloud, encrypted links for sharing, and secure collaboration. Tresorit operates under Swiss laws, and uses Irish and Dutch servers (no Patriot Act). Note: The only free version currently available (2017) is the severely hobbled Tresorit Reader. This version primarily offers just what the name implies -- a reader (read-only). [details]

Tresorit uses Type 1 encryption (defined above in the Introduction), including its pros and cons. Files are unencrypted on all your synced devices but are always encrypted for transmission and storage in the cloud. They describe the features of their system quite well. The Tresorit interface is well organized. They have an impressive analysis of why they doubt that Tresorit has been hacked. Being based in Switzerland doesn't hurt either. Tresorit may be the most secure way to encrypt files/folders for the cloud. ;)

Tresorit support is comprehensive and well written, and they have added tutorials for all platforms (look at the bottom of the left column of the interface). You should be able to easily figure out how to get Tresorit going.

I've been using Tresorit for my most sensitive data since September, 2013, and it has performed flawlessly. There is a sizable development team at Tresorit, and they are actively introducing new apps and features. For example, they have recently implemented file versioning and a clever secure URL method for sharing individual files securely.

Tresorit was reviewed by on based on version 3.0.