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There is no portable version of this product available.

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The program is the client-side software for a complete cloud encryption service. A cloud storage account, along with cloud-side software is provided as part of the service. The client-side software encrypts the content of your clear-text files on-the-fly, using your personal key, as an integral part of transmission to the cloud. It decrypts cypher-text content on-the-fly as an integral part of downloading files from the cloud. The cloud-side software handles the cloud end of data transit and storage.

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15 MB



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32 bit but 64 bit compatible

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Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage


Possibly the most secure choice of products listed here. A cloud storage account is included as part of the service. Tresorit has a clean, simple interface. Sync works quickly and well. Well written support documentation. You can recover previous versions of files. Has worked very reliably for me. Tresorit operates under Swiss laws, and uses Irish and Dutch servers (no Patriot Act).


The current free version is severely hobbled. See note in the discussion. Local files are not encrypted (but it's highly unlike that they will be lost in processing).

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Combines a web service with a stand-alone program

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