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When you send a large file using email you might run into size restrictions. These four free file sharing sites make sending large files a snap.

There are many sites for sharing large files but often you have to go through steps to use them, like creating an account, verifying an email address, or sitting through a countdown.

These four sites have simple interfaces, don't require you to create an account, verify an email address, sit through a count down and have generous size allowances. You can send most file formats with no trouble such as videos, music, images, etc. though none of them will transfer an .exe or program file.

Smash is a newcomer, launching last year. It has some nice features, such as changing the amount of days a file is valid, from 1-14 days. The standard is seven days. The ability to preview a file before you download it is a great feature, allowing recipients to see the files before they download them (this can be deactivated). Other features:
- no size limits at the time of this writing
- files sent as a link or an email
- files can be password protected
- files can be sent to multiple recipients

WeTransfer is aimed at creatives and the interface reflects that focus through the background and other site elements. Features:
- send 2 GB at a time
- files sent as link or email
- files can be sent to multiple recipients (3)
- files are available for 7 days
- upload and send files as often as you like

pCloud is primarily a file storage service with a file transfer feature and the only one to offer file encryption. If you take advantage of the file encryption, you create a password that's shared with the recipient(s) so the files can be downloaded.  Features:
- 5 GB file size
- file sent as email with link
- files can be sent to multiple recipients (10)
- optional file encryption

Filemail's founders couldn't find a good way to send large files so they created one. In addition to adding files, it has an add folder function. Directions for sending folders can be found here.
The free plan allows 2 transfers per 24 hours from the the same IP address.  Features:
- 50 GB file size
- files sent as link or email
- files can be sent to multiple recipients
- files available for 7 days

If you send very large files, compressing them before sending them cuts down on the transfer time.

To compress a file in Windows:
Find the file you want to compress (zip)
Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder.

To compress a files in Mac:
Right click or control click on the file
Select compress (file name)
When the compression is done there will be a file name that ends in .zip next to the file you compressed.

Sending a file that's too large for email is simple with these four file transfer sites. Give them a try next time you need to send a file that's too big to email.

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Also, If you have an Outlook/Hotmail account and try to attach a too-large file, you are directed to upload the file to One Drive. The recipient is sent a link very much like an attachment, but it directs them to a page where the file can be downloaded.

Thanks for mentioning that. I don't have an Outlook/Hotmail account so that's useful to know.

Thank you, I'm delighted you like it. :)

Thanks! Very useful.

I'm glad you like it. :)

Wow! Excellent post, Rhiannon! I plan to use these sites. It's great to have options like these for transferring big files and not have to deal with the absurdly low email attachment limits imposed by email service providers like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Rhiannon, I generally enjoy your posts, but I think this one is definitely one of your best. Thanks!!

Well said! This is a really useful post for many people I know who don't have use cloud storage which usually comes with a means to privately or publicly share files for the same purpose.


That's one of the reasons I looked for sites other than the well known services like Google Drive and One Drive, Dropbox, etc. :)

Anyone can use these four with no account. All you need is a file you want to send, a 'send to' email address, and a 'send from' email address.