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Lumosity iconLumositySome games are for fun or passing time but some other games are built with a target to work out the brains. If you like more to play games with such as a unique purpose then Lumosity is one of the excellent apps that allow you to start a brain training journey.

Lumosity has built some scientifically designed games for five Brain Areas namely speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving. Each game is to challenge your cognitive abilities in each of the Brain Areas.

When you play the games, your scores are tracked with an index called Lumosity Performance Index (LPI), which helps you compare your strengths and weaknesses in the Brain Areas, plus an overall LPI which is an average index.

Lumosity is free to play across select games for all Brain Areas but it's limited to three games per day. Some advanced features such as tracking your performance to compare against others, personalized training and complete access to all games require a paid subscription.

Among the Lumosity games that I've played, including Memory Matrix, Lost in Migration, Color Match, Chalkboard Challenge, Ebb and Flow, Spatial Speed Match and Brain Shift, I find some are pretty easy yet fun to play but some are really challenging especially the Memory Matrix at high levels.

Being a brain training app, Lumosity may be effective to some people but maybe not all. According to Wikipedia, "there is no scientific consensus on the benefits of brain training for medical conditions in the clinical environment. Studies of Lumosity's effectiveness have shown mixed results."

It won't be to everyone's tastes but it's absolutely worth taking some free games for a test drive.


Lumosity — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 48 MB

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Size: 60 MB


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While I think Lumosity is quite interesting, you must have an internet connection (for some reason or another) to play the game. Trying to occupy your time on an airplane with this game is a lesson in frustration.

Totally agree. Mobile apps have become an increasingly important part of everyday life and this section used to provide us with good recommendations, but not anymore. Having read every listed app here, the some of the most recent additions are worthless, dull, downright dumb or need an 'always on' data connection. Not cool.
Besides, why is it called 'app of the week' if only 1 or 2 app are reviewed per month? This should be called 'mobile app of the month' from now on.
Come on Gizmo's! You can do better than this.
P.D. ==> Please don't get mad at me ;-).

Thank you for your feedback rickybobby. We try to cover as big a variety of apps as possible so naturally not all of them will appeal to everyone. Regarding the frequency we do endeavor to maintain this but as a site driven by volunteers we are dependent totally on the time our editors have available to create content. Maybe you would like to help us out? If so, please see the details here. MC - Site Manager.

I appreciate the offer Midnightcowboy, but I'm just an average android user and my contributions would be close to none as I'm a newbie in the android world. That's why I relied on lists like this one to find good free stuff because most of the sites I checked enjoy listing paid and fremium apps. Finding 100 % free, good apps nowadays is hard, and your weekly lists filled that gap. My 'rant' was based on the lower quality of some of the latest recommended apps as their real-world utility was close to non-existant. My guess is your previous lists spoiled us a bit :P.

I've seen some interesting apps posted in the forum too, and that could be a good option to find or write about new apps because the way I see it, a lot of people prefer the articles over the forum posts, at least that's what I can infer from the number of reads.

Gizmo's is still great and the volunteers have a tough job, so kudos for them. Just don't lower the bar you've previously set!

Warm regards