Track When A PC Was Being Used


Turned On Times log viewerWindows keeps an Event Log that records details of pretty much everything that the operating system does. This includes every time it is turned on, turned off, and restarted. By analyzing the event log you can extract these details and produce a report into how often the computer has been used.

This can be a useful diagnostic tool, such as if you want to justify an upgrade or replacement. Or if you suspect that someone has been using a computer in your absence. Or even if you want to check that someone has indeed been turning up for work (if only to turn on the computer!). It's also useful as a way of estimating the energy costs for your office.

Unfortunately, the standard built-in tools for analyzing the Windows event logs are not good. But, to the rescue comes Nir Sofer and one of his excellent freeware utilities. This one is called Turned On Times View and you'll find it at The download is less than 0.1 MB, it's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, and is portable too. Just run it and your report is generated instantly.

If you are on a network and you have permission to view other users' event logs remotely, the software can even pull in data from other computers on your LAN.

Give it a try, and see just how much your PC is being used.

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Nirsoft's FullEventLogView is also a handy utility.

I am seriously interested about sites like this says it used VirusTotal and WOT to test software and that they both say it is clean. I have searched everywhere and haven't found a WOT scanner for software.

Can the author explain how this is done?

I know how to use VirusTotal and use it on a regular basis.

Years ago I wrote Nir Sofer about all of the false positives he was getting in the anti-malware and virus programs. He wondered why as do I.

Wot is no longer available for Firefox as they were caught selling user information. Now, freeware sites (and others) want me to accept that Green Ring that Wot produces. It's obvious to me that they are getting paid to show that green ring.

Nir and I both know that some of this programs (wonderful programs, that is) are tagged even today as PUPs and out right malware still by the anti-malware community.

Recently, MalwareBytes anti-malware tagged all of the files in Auslogics Free Defragmenter. I sent them my report. At the time I was also in contact with Auslogics who say they have been having a problem with MalwareBytes. MalwayBytes responded that they were not going to un-mark the files as malware. This is a program that is listed on several software sites as having passed VT and that WOT said they were O.K.

How are we, the unsuspecting public, supposed to believe software sites such as this page? I've been reading techsuppostaler/Gizmo Richards for many years as well. (I'm an older man who is interested in test software as a hobby and recently just had to do a reinstall because on of these approved programs was doing things I didn't like to my machine.(It was a pro anti-malware program.) I uninstalled and ended up with a locked disk.) Fortunately I was able to unlock the Hard Drive and reinstall.

I am just worried about those who don't know that this is going on right under their noses.

Note: Do not install Nirsoft's package with 'Zipinstaller and then run a scan with Malwarebytes, Super-Anti Spyware or Emsisoft products. And some if not several anti-virus programs will tag several of his programs a PUPs or worse.


I have LastActivity. It's free, quick and more than effective. Just now started it up (2/28/17 @ 8:00am) and it shows activity dating back to 6/21/14 when I installed it. Columns shown are: Date/time, Description, File name, Full path.