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Solar System Explorer 3D iconSolar System Explorer 3D

There's been a lot of news lately from NASA about what they've discovered in our Solar System. Here's your chance to go for an explore for yourself in the comfort of your earthly abode on your Android device.

Solar System Explorer 3D is a high-resolution 3D space simulation that lets you explore all of the wonders to your hearts content. You can watch as all the moons and planets rotate, or you can have a fly around yourself to visit anywhere you want.

I'll tell you right up front, this app contains full-screen pop-up ads that can appear unexpectedly. Why is it getting a review then? Well, the graphics and how well the whole thing is put together just about outweighs the intrusions. Besides, you can simply temporarily turn off the internet or block it from access. That gets the scourge of ads under control. We can still choose not to see them.

It's not an app you would use often, but one to inspire you and show you or your children something new. I thought I knew all the planets and some of the moons, but I'd never heard of two of the Dwarf planets and many other things. So, it's certainly worthwhile having a look and you'll probably be amazed.

Solar System Explorer 3D



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