Touch Lock


Touch Lock

Lock and unlock screen touch and soft keys on the fly


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Enable and disable screen touch, lock and unlock soft keys, works with YouTube playlists.
No option to lock screen with a password.

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When you want to keep an app running without moving away to another unwanted screen or jump to another app due to an accidental touch of the screen, Touch Lock is a reliable tool to serve that purpose very well.

Using this app is straightforward. To enable touch lock, drop down the notification bar and tap Touch Lock. To disable it, just double-tap the greyed out app icon appearing on the top right of the screen.

Besides locking the screen touch, this app also supports locking and unlocking soft keys including Home, Back, Recent Apps and Menu buttons. To lock these buttons, drop down the notification bar and tap the Lock Softkey icon; to unlock the buttons, drop down the notification bar again and tap Touch Lock. It’s as simple as that.

While this app lets you operate from the notification bar and the greyed out icon to enable and disable the screen touch respectively, it also has an app icon on the homescreen that leads you to "How To Use" and a three-dot menu for access to "Settings", "My Videos" and more.

"Settings" includes an unlock setting and a few optional items to adjust the ways you want to run the app.

"My Videos" contains a few categories of videos recommended for your kids. As you hand over your device to your little ones to watch these videos, the app helps lock the screen automatically. Moreover, you can import your playlists into the app too if you sign into your YouTube account.

Overall the app does what it is designed for, but for security purpose, the app could be better if it adds an option to unlock the screen touch with a password. Maybe this is something that can be enhanced in a future update.


Touch Lock - How to Disable Your Android Screen Touch

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