Top Ten Chrome Apps for Windows, Mac OS and Linux


Besides running in Chrome OS, Chrome apps do integrate into your desktop seamlessly across multiple operating systems including Windows, OS X and Linux with the Chrome browser installed to serve as a platform for the apps.

Just like a native application, Chrome apps can launch directly from the desktop or taskbar and run offline with access to the local file system and storage. They look the same in all systems, run straightforward without opening up the browser and therefore not confined to the regular browser interface, no unwanted address bar and tabs.

Since their launch in 2013, Chrome apps have been in active development and more are being added to the Chrome Web Store, ready for you to download and install via Chrome.

Among the many choices, these are the Top Ten Chrome Apps that are best free and curated for a good start in this new year.


Video Player, a reliable video player for your PC or Chromecast device, with simple and easy-to-use interface and controls, access to local folders and Google Drive folders at your choice. It runs in a window or fullscreen with supports for playlist and YouTube-like gallery.


Enjoy Music Player, play local and online music easily with this well-designed music player with auto-updating song lists from the locations you choose. Attractive features include animated album cover, music equalizer, fade in/out effect and mini mode.


Until AM, this uniquely designed app offers you a full-fledged DJ setup in a neat package for your local music and songs from SoundCloud and Google Drive, with two virtual turntables in the interface. Features include vinyl scratching, playback speed adjustment, sound effects and more.


Pixlr Touch Up, a smart and easy offline photo editor offered by Autodesk gives you all simple editing tasks you will ever need, like resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, blur, auto fix, adjust color, add effects, touch up, clone and more. It's still available from the store and works well even without dedicated support from the developer.


Pocket, use this popular app to easily save articles, videos, recipes, webpages and more for later reading when offline, and see your saved items in a simple, easy-to-view layout that improves your reading experience. A cleaner and better alternative to the web version.


Google Keep, an official note-taking app from Google for you to easily add notes, lists, photos and voice memos with automatic transcription. It includes reminder, search and share functions, runs offline and sync across multiple devices when online. Other goodies include adding labels and color codes for better organisation.


Gliffy Diagrams, a user-friendly drawing tool with drag-and-drop stencils ready for you to create a variety of diagrams including flowcharts, organisation charts, wireframes, network diagrams and more. You can work with this app even offline, save your results in JPG or PNG formats, or add them to Google Docs, presentations, wikis or webpages.


WeatherBug, access to the large network of real-time weather forecasts and get accurate local current conditions and alerts, showing temperature, wind, sun, humidity, precipitation and pressure information, with interactive maps and live images from over 2,000 weather cameras. It's supported by ads but not obstructive.


Cut the Rope, cut the ropes by moving the mouse with left-click or swiping your fingers across them to feed candy to the creature Om Nom, collect gold stars, discover prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this realistic physics game.


2048, the puzzle game 2048 was created by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli in a single weekend and became popular in several variants. Use the arrow keys or a finger to move and match the tiles on the board. When same numbered tiles match, they merge into ones with the numbers added up. Continue to do so until you get the tile numbered 2048 to be a winner.


Looking for more? Check out here or leave a comment below if you have more best free Chrome apps to suggest.


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If you own a chromecast then Videostream is a very interesting app/plugin combo that lets you stream anything on your media server or computer via the chromecast and use your phone as remote.

I've never been a fan of Chrome and there are better alternatives to almost everything that's listed there. Potplayer for video, Audacity for music and Irfanview for photo editing just for starters. Until AM is interesting but I prefer both Soundation and Audio Sauna.