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Online technical training imageI've mentioned Pluralsight ( before on these pages. Think of it as a subscription-based version of Youtube for techies. You pay around $20 a month, to watch from a selection of some 5000 technical training videos covering everything from cybersecurity, programming and hacking to business graphics, design and manufacturing. There's always something interesting, and you can watch unlimited videos as part of your subscription.

Now here's the fun part. Pluralsight have recently been offering free 6-month subscriptions to the service if you sign up to watch a particular free course. No credit card details required. And although the original 6-month offer has just expired, they're still offering 3 months.

So, sign up to watch a free course, and you get 3 months to watch thousands of other courses for free too. All you need is a web browser and an email address. You'll find more information at Enjoy!

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Had the same problem and am already a member of Visual Studio.

As I suspected, my own stupidity helped in no way with this, so apologies, again, to Rob. As for the offer, unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I've joined Visual Studio as a member (hey, it looks good!) and so have gone to the 'benefits' section and clicked on 'Activate' for the Pluralsight offer, which on my screen at least says is for six months. The screen then says 'activated' and I'm taken to pluralsight's "Microsoft Offer Redemption" where the first field to fill in asks for "Voucher Code". But I've not been given one, neither on screen nor in any Visual Studio email (all of which have come through to me, so it's not a question of an errant spam filter.) Filling in the redemption form with my name and email address and clicking on the "I agree, activate benefit" achieves nothing - -- or, well, it achieves nothing for me. So I guess I'll have to pass. Big thanks, anyway, to Rob for all his efforts.

Not sure if I'm being stupid, but what has the link to Microsoft's visual studio website to do with the pluralsight website? As for the free trial, it seems to come with various usage limitations; there are 1 month and 3 month and 6 month "free trials", but to be on the safe side I've only looked at the 1 month one. It does seem a very odd way for an outfit to behave, offering three different types of "trial", and all of them. . . free???? Why? What's the catch? Why offer a 1 month free trial if actually, you're prepared to offer a 3 month free trial? Odd.

EDIT: I wonder if I'm dreaming. The sign-up page at pluralsight seems to have changed. What now appears is simply a "Free Trial" for ONE month only comprising a maximum of 200 minutes. This doesn't seem anything like the offer this article appears to be highlighting???

SECOND EDIT: If "sign up" is used then the website WILL ask you for your credit card details. However. . . if you go to the very small print 'Free Trial' at the bottom of the home screen, then the offer is of a free 200 minutes (no mention of monthly duration, so it;s obviously not relevant) and no financial details are requested at all. Once you've viewed 200 minutesworth of material, that's it.

FINAL FINAL EDIT: credit card details are required, after all. You cannot get even the 200 minutes usage unless you register your cc with pluralsight first. Apologies to Rob if I've misunderstood what's been said here. Reckon I'll pass.

I didn't hit any of the roadblocks anderton reported -- signed up with Visual Studio, then "activated" the Pluralsight offer -- and it gave me 6 months free, no upgrade or payment nags -- everything seems ok. Try going through the process again.