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ToolWiz Care

An excellent tune-up tool with one-click features


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Runs fast, thoroughly cleans registry, hard drive, and privacy tracking.
No help leaving novice users stranded.

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ToolWiz Care is an excellent freeware solution. The main tab called Checkup offers the one-click feature, system resource information, and some optional features.

Since there is no paid version to upgrade to, all the features are functional. On the downside the program is missing any help to learn all the fancy bells and whistles.

The GUI interface is clean and colorful. The program loads quickly and performs smoothly. The tray icon provides many options from a right click popup menu including the floating toolbar. Hover your mouse over the toolbar to see system resource information. The toolbar says "Time Freeze is Off". Time freeze works like a sandbox. If you're not sure what a sandbox is, read this article.

On the right edge of the tool bar is an icon called screen capture. It's like the Window's 7 Snipping Tool. Screen Capture will let you capture parts of your screen to save as a picture image, or edit in the ToolWiz Picture Editor.

This program has a lot of useful features, some not particularly related to system cleaning so I won't review them, but they could be worth checking out.

As a one-click cleaning tool ToolWiz is very good. While I appreciate the fact ToolWiz is free and the developer doesn't solicit donations, the lack of help and support can leave the novice user floundering with all the gadgets.

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I was interested in trying the "ToolWiz Care" utility, but when I went to the website Malwarebytes Antimalware warned me it was a malicious site. So, I guess I'll pass on trying it.

According to the Wayback Machine, Toolwiz Care hasn't been listed on the home site since August 2014...

If the developer themselves dumped the product, I wouldn't recommend your using it.

I've been using this app for 3 or 4 years with Windows 7 and have nothing but superlatives to say about it. Although it's no longer updated or on the developer's site, it is fast, thorough, safe and without bugs. The package also contains ten other apps, including a "sandbox" [called Time Freeze] Photo editor and password manager.

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