A useful tool to relate notes and ideas with Wiki style links


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Relate notes and ideas together with a wiki-like linking system, rich text formatting, plugins, export to html format.
Adding images is not yet supported.

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If you want to have a useful tool to relate notes and ideas together with a wiki-like linking system then Tomboy could be the answer.

Left-click Tomboy's tray icon and select "Create New Note", you can then start describing your new note to which a link is automatically created. Right-click on selected words in a note and choose "Link to New Note", the selected words will then become an anchor text with a hyperlink to a new note, in which you can add more descriptions.

You can search all your notes by clicking a Search button anytime and all notes are listed in a pop-up window. You can also create new notebooks by right-clicking the left panel, and re-group your notes among the notebooks easily with drag-and-drop.

Other features of the program include rich-text formatting and printing or exporting notes to html format. Some plug-ins are available to extend the functionality of the program, but adding images to a note is not available.

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