A compact and powerful program with all the elements you need for professional project management.


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Encrypt a task list, small memory footprint; Set priorities, due dates, time estimates, percent completion, etc; shows overdue items, multiple filters, powerful import/export, sort and search, share data, etc. Easy to get started managing a simple project; Lots of help for beginners, including a tutorial in the Help Wiki.
As with most project management software, the learning curve is a bit steep, but the Help Wiki provides everything you need to learn.

Our Review:

ToDoList is free open-source software. It is a compact, powerful program, with all the elements you need for professional project management. It is actively improved. Help is provided by nicely organized "WiKi" with well-written help pages. Classic "F1" (function key) help links directly to the online help Wiki. It includes a tutorial for beginners.

How effective ToDoList will for you depends on how well you structure your tasks. It makes it easier by letting you attach notes, set due dates, get alarms/reminders. etc.

In their words: "ToDoList is general-purpose, Windows-based software, which can be used for simple “honey do” home lists or to manage complex multi-user projects for business. In addition to tracking the status of tasks, ToDoList includes a powerful system for logging and reporting time spent on tasks."


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ToDoList was reviewed by on based on version 7.1.