It runs fast and offers a lot of information


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License: Free (Private/Educational use)
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Stable and efficient with a good variety of options. Developers are active and responsive to user requests. Attractive interface. Good help resources. Clean install.
Help resource, though very good, could use some updates. Does not support web seeds.

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Tixati is the top pick this year as it runs fast, offers a lot of information and has the most appealing interface in a very efficient package, RAM and CPU wise. It always seems to be in active development and the developers are receptive to users input. The wide variety of layout options are indicative of their responsiveness to users.

Tixati has all the features that an average user wants. Their help facilities have grown, but have gotten a bit out of date. Their forums are responsive.


I was surprised to find that Tixati does not support web seeds. Generally not an issue, but there will be an issue with the 3 million torrents at Archive.org as many of those are seeded by web seeds. Many users will like the colored display and the many options for display as well as the vast amount of information offered within a program that uses relatively little system resources. The clean install will appeal to all.

Caution: Spigot toolbar offered during install along with home page and search engine changes. Software offers similar to Open Candy.

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I am using 2.5.1 now and the proxy section of it is terrible. It leaks info and is only for outgoing