Simple, basic but fast textual resource meter


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License: Free
Website: TinyResMeter
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Fast, effective, very small file size
Not much options, no graphical display

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TinyResMeterTinyResMeter is a small and simple but fast and effective metering tool. While it does not offer much options to change its presentation (just font and color), it offers a wide variety of information to display like CPU usage, RAM usage, number of processes, and much more.

It is amazing how much features can be put in a 55KB file. It also takes only a minimum of resources itself which makes it even more attractive. However, in the age of multi processor environments and graphical user interfaces, TinyResMeter seems to have grown a little old.

Considering the many competitors offering a more user friendly interface, more monitoring features, and customizable designs, TinyResMeter is surely not state of the art. But it might still be the right choice for some.

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