Time Online


Time Online

A web-based solution for time tracking with no restrictions on the number of projects and users.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Website: Live Time Online
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Timesheet Program

Pros & Cons:

Works on a client, project or task basis, allocation of billable and non billable time. Web-based, no need to install software. Reporting and Invoicing are done via the browser so no need to have MS Office installed. Work In Progress tracks the time you have recorded that has not been billed.
Web-based so may be a problem for people with unreliable Internet connections.

Our Review:

If you are looking for a completely free web-based solution for time tracking, try Time Online. It offers timesheet recording, reporting and invoicing with no restrictions on the number of projects or users.

Time Online is easy to use with its simple setup, intuitive interface and controls. It is compatible with most browsers and there is no need to install any software which is a bonus.

Invoicing is built in so there's no need to have Excel installed as with other solutions. Moreover, you can create free invoices directly with your own customized invoice templates.

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