A popular social media platform for you to create and share short videos.


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Excellent user interface, huge library of short videos, easy to create and share videos with popular sound clips, special effects and filters.
Sometimes lagging on slow internet connections.

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Published by Bytemod Ptd. Ltd., TikTok is a social media app for you to create and share short videos up to 15 seconds per clip, either singing, dancing, lip-syncing or making fun on an AI-powered content platform.

Upon opening the app, it has seemingly endless short videos shared by others for you to browse through by swiping up. You can leave a comment on a video clip, save it in your favorite list, download to your mobile, or share with others on Whatsapp, Facebook or other platforms.

Swiping left on a video clip lets you view its creator's profile, such as his/her bio, total likes, number of followers and other videos created. For the creators you favor, add them to your following list. You can then browse their videos in a separate section.

Besides browsing millions of short videos, you can also easily create your own using the TikTok app, either shoot a video with the app or upload one from your collection, then pick a sound of your own or from a huge library provided. Before finishing, apply special effects like Shake, Buz, Illusion, etc, onto a timeline, add a cover and a filter, then save your creation as a draft or publish it to share with others.

With its easy-to-use interface, great features and a social media platform known to be popular among internet celebrities, TikTok has been fast growing and gained hundreds of millions of users across several countries.

This app can be addictive as it has a huge number of videos to play despite each of them is limited to a few seconds. For digital well-being, it has incorporated an element which can be switched on to hold yourself to two hours on the app per day.


A Fast Growing Social Media App Gains Millions of Users and Followers

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