Tidy Favorites


Tidy Favorites

Provide you with a new tab page that displays visual bookmarks.


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Pros & Cons:

New tab page with visual bookmarks.
Need to be pro to sync.

Our Review:

In my experience, Tidy Favorites did not work well as a bookmark synchronizer (but maybe it would work better in the pro version, I have no idea). When importing bookmarks from Firefox to Tidy Favorites nothing happened. Also, when syncing from IE to Tidy Favorites or Google Chrome I got bookmarks that were not really there.

However, it does include a new tab page that displays visual bookmarks. One benefit of this is that you can change the pictures that are shown so that they can reflect changes on the website (ie. Bookmark a weather page and see at a glance the weather).

If anyone has a better experience with the free version of Tidy Favorites, please leave some comments.

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