The Three Windows Tips Our Readers Like Best


We've featured hundreds of Windows productivity tips on this site over the years but three stand out as having near perfect ratings as judged by our readers:

Readers' Top 3

  1. How to Create a Custom Hotkey for Your Favorite Application or Folder (98% rating)
  2. Three Shortcuts for Using Windows Explorer More Efficiently (96%)
  3. How to Use the Undocumented Operator AROUND to improve Google Searches (96%)

Gizmo's Personal Pick

While respecting the judgement of our readers my personal pick would be slightly different. But hey, what suits me may not suit many other folks, unless of course they are a bit weird like me :)

  1. Quick and Easy Way to Delete Internet Browser Caches, Cookies, or History
  2. Easy Way to Select Files in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Check Boxes
  3. Quick Way to Switch to High-Contrast Themes in Windows 7

I've limited myself here to articles we have recently featured but I'd love to know what's your all-time favorite Windows productivity tip whether its been featured here or not. Just leave a comment below.









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